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DSPLabs, the Digital Signal Processing Laboratories in Timisoara are an active component of the Computer Science and Engineering Department, at the POLITEHNICA University of Timisoara, with three main functions:

  1. To support didactic activities (courses, seminars and laboratory workshops) with students at the Automatics and Computer Science Faculty
  2. To host and coordinate diploma theses, master's dissertations and doctoral programs
  3. To develop research and application projects within research contracts and grants established with various institutions and companies.
  4. The prime fields of expertise of DSPLabs are: Digital Signal Processing, Embedded Systems and Signal Acquisition and Conditioning Systems.

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Taxele de școlarizare se pot plăti până la data de 8.12.2009

Depășirea acestui termen duce la trecerea pe lista cu propuneri pentru exmatriculare.
Urmează lista de exmatriculare, fiind obligatorie plata taxei de reinmatriculare plus penalizări
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